SunglassWorld Adkins Texas Review


I was shopping online, looking for a store that would sell “authentic Ray Bans”” for a discounted price. I came across the website called… …titled

SunglassWorld on the site. The prices were good for most of the products

some Ray Bans were around $80 and others over $200. nEverything looked like it checked out. I couldn’t find many reviews

but the ones I saw were good! Very first off I contacted the company to talk about how they did business

and how they had lower than retail prices on their glasses. I talked for several weeks to get to know them and hopefully birth a good business relationship. nI asked SEVERAL times about the authenticity of their products. and SEVERAL times I was assured that what they were selling me was great genuine Ray Ban products. I am a Collector of brand-name sunglasses. Ray Ban being one of my specialties

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