Sunlife Complaint


Arthur Alexander (owner) ripped me off for $85, 000. This company did not give me a scope of work because as Arthur said: “you don”t have to worry about that we are friends”. The price ballooned up from $64, 000 to over $84, 000 and he talked me into getting a HERO loan which he had directly paid to himself. Leaving me with no leverage to finish the job or fix all the stuff his subs broke while working there. He said: ” don”t worry we will fix everything” and fixed nothing. Installed solar panel on the wrong side of the roof, facing away from the sun. Genius Then I received a notice of lien from the roofing supply company for over $7, 300 because he didn”t pay for the materials. One of his subs showed up to my house when Arthur was there and was demanding Arthur to pay him for his work. I guess collecting the maximum amount from your costumes and not paying anyone makes for bigger profits, that was used to take a 1-2 week vacation to Mexico in December 2018 AVOID THIS GUY HE IS A LOW LIFE CROOK!! Arthur Alexander Anaya, Sunlife Residential Contracting I Inc. DBA Sunlife Solar. Neither Sunlife Solar or Sunlife Roofing are registered names for DBA/FBN in Orange County, CA He has a long history of ripping people off, just do a Google search, unfortunately, I didn”t.

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