I have been in the travel business for over 40 years and have never had such a bad experience as with this company. Feb 2011 my company booked a European Tour for 50 people/25 rooms. I sent SunnyLand the itinerary and told them the group would need two comps. In March 2011, they sent me a contract with the price pp but with only 1 comp.I called them about the other comp and was told it was ok and I would have to send them $7500.00 by 4/4/11. After several calls asking to have it in writing, I received another contract on7/21 (also wrong) Finally on 7/27 received a contract stating 2 comps.nShortly after 2nd deposit was paid the group lost 2 people but still had 25 rooms. I was told the group would still be charged the 50% cancellation fee. From that time until when the final payment was due on 3/12/12, the Euro had dropped considerably but we were told there would be no refund as the trip was priced in US funds. One train segment was incorrectly booked in bedrooms instead of the coach seats requested. Again there was no refund allowed for the diffence in the cost of the train.nAfter many calls to find out the balance on 3/14/12, I received a phone call with the amount & since it was late I would have to overnight it that day. Group leader called to say some train tickets were wrong & had to be reissued. After the group departed on 5/7 I realized I overpaid. I was charged an extra $1.65 pp to mail the docs.(this was already in the contract but charged again)I was told I never signed the revised contract (no where indicated on there to sign & return) so I was not entitled to 2nd comp but would be refunded the mailing fee. Not recieved as of this date.

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