Sunset Group Hayward California Review


The 5 hours presentation wore us down. We just want to get out of it and leave. Their deceitful sales tactics were so enticing during the second presentation where they took us downstairs and offered a very low price. The price at the 1st presentation that lasted for 3 hours was over $300,000. The price at the 2nd presentation that lasted for another 2 hours dropped down to $4,000 which was enticing during that time. We were so tired, hungry and just want to get out of it so we gave our credit card knowing that the charge won’t go through. Julio Mayo and the other manager tried to charge the full amount several times but it was declined by the bank, so the manager asked for another credit card. I said I don’t have another card. He said, “I saw that black Citicard in your wallet. Let me try that one””. They kept trying a lower amount until the authorization went through. We did not really want to buy. We were forced to buy. It was high pressure selling. I cancelled within 10 days from the transaction date as stated in the contract and sent a registered mail to the address stated. Julio Mayo called last week and asked why I cancelled which means that he acknowledged receipt of my cancellation letter. Christina Lomelin

Sunset Corporate emailed me saying that I will not receive a reimbursement and to contact her to negotiate an ammicable agreement and discouraged me from contacting Profeco or a lawyer because I will not get anything from them. After I read many complaints about this Sunset Group from different websites about their deceptive sales tactics




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