Sunshine Furniture Review


Purchased a new sofa & recliner. When delivered I accepted recliner, however I did not accept sofa because they delivered the display model. I know this for sure because the display sofa had a worn spot on it which would have became a rip/tear, which I had pointed this out to the salesman. He assured me that my sofa would come from the warhouse, that they did not deliver display models to the customers. However, they did because it was the exact spot in the exact same place. Told the deliverer and the person I spoke to in customer Service that I did not want recliner if I could not get another sofa because I wanted a matched set. Was told keep recliner we can get another sofa. Two weeks later they show up again saying they could not fit in elevator. Requested they take back recliner so that i could choose another set. They ignored request & left. Called customer service again they said we will pick up when we delivery other set. That was one of many calls i made to them & they kept changing their story each time. They said they would call back but did not. They kept you on hold for 30-60 minutes. I ended up having to keep chair because of 48 hour rule they wanted to suddenly enforce and pay 10% restocking for sofa because at that point i was turned of dealing with them & had been w/o a sofa for almost a month for things they were totally at fault for. The store Manager, Barbara would not get on the phone. She is not a good store manger. I will never shop there again . That store has poor Management, something the owner should look into. When reading reviews take heed because bad ones are just as true as some of the good ones.

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