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Good Morning my name is Mozart Chevalier supervisor for Sunstates Security in Harrisburg, PA at 6455 Allentown Blvd. I know its early but this has been bothering me a lot. On Monday, Feburary 17 2020 at approximately 1545hrs which is 3:45pm Manager Anitra Prempeh came to meet myself and other officers for the first time. On my application I guess I checked the wrong box as far as putting spouse on there. I put Dorsa Fowler as a spouse mistakenly, we do live in the same apartment, I rent out a room from Dorsa. Dorsa is a friend. Dorsa Fowler is an Officer for Sunstates Security, I drop her off at work every day at 4pm, but that’s personal. Anitra Prempeh was harassing me about who is Dorsa Fowler to me, she asked me “is that my girlfriend” and I said “NO”. She then, said “stop lying” I said “I’m not”. She asked “me who drops her off” I said “me”. She said who takes her home I said I don’t know maybe she takes an Uber. I am always at work. So then she says, she will look in my beneficiary to see who I put down which I thought was an invasion of privacy and threaten to fire me if she seen Dorsa was on the paper. So as she was helping me do fingerprints, she seen that I had a wedding band she continued her harrassment and she asked me why do I have a wedding band on, she said does it mean anything? She said you don’t have to lie, making me feel uncomfortable from the time I got there. You can reach me at: Mozart Chevalier [protected] [protected] I WOULD LIKE TO STAY ANONYMOUS.

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