Superior Resorts Intl Lagrange Georgia Review


My wife and I received a flyer in the mail offering a free two night trip with airfare included if we would come and listen to their 90 minute presentation. We listened to the presentation and were very impressed. It sounded like a great deal and would save us thousands over the years. We signed up that day and paid them$7500. During the presentation they showed us a BBB report showing they had an A+ rating. We initially attempted to use the two night free trip. There were so many restrictions with it that it was absolutely impossible to book the travel. We gave up on that and began trying to book a beach trip. It turned out that the “specials”” they had promised were completely unavailable. The prices they gave us were more expensive than every option on the internet. They were more expensive than


and travelocity. We then began attempting to get our contract cancelled and get our money back. We went through Chase Visa claiming fraud. These guys must have a good attorney because their contract is airtight. We had no recourse and they will not refund our money. We have now hired an attorney and are seeking a refund

damages and our attorney is looking at filing criminal charges. Call us gullible

but we have absolutely been scammed by these assholes. Steer clear and listen to nothing they have to say. If you check their BBB report you will see many reports telling the same story.”

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