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Complaint: I was in Supreme Auto Parts a few times, regardless of what everybody had said about them. I had decided to give them a chance. Well I went in there to do a little business with them, and it took them literally 20 minutes to help me, or even talk to me. That was the first run-in. The next time was actually yesterday 4/24/06. I went in there looking to find a car, do monthly payments on it, etc. Well i had called ahead of time, and the guy, Joey, had told me that i just needed to put down $200 and then do the rest in payments. So after arriving to look at the car, only to find out Joey wasnt there at the moment, i waited and talked to another lady in there too. It took them a while to even come and talk to me. The other lady that was there was told that the parts were already taken out of her car, and she just had to pick them up, well when she got there, they hadn’t even pulled them yet. Back to my case, while i was talking to the lady, i had explained that i was going to get a transmission from there, but decided not too because of the bad stuff i had heard. that was the only negative thing i said besides them being slow. well i assume the assistant guy, Steve, came over and laughed at me, and i asked him why, and he said, and i quote, “I think its funny how people come in here and complain and then they want to do business with us. why are you here anyways

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Address: you’ve been sitting here complaining about us

Website: he said “”you have all the choices in the world if you play your cards right

Phone: but want to buy a car from us.”” i said “”i really have no other choice

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