Susan Apodaca-Leverette – Jacksonville, Florida Florida


Ok, so my fiancÚ & I both have a joint Instagram account because we’re a couple, of course. Last month, however, I discovered he made a separate Instagram account just for himself. He accidentally used our joint account (as well as his separate account) to follow a so called foot girl/slut or whatever by the username @TheMilianiExperienceI’m sure he meant to unfollow her on our account, but he simply forgot… unlucky for him. I’ve always known he has a foot fetish, but this is absurd. Anyway, I was scrolling through my fiancÚ’s separate Instagram account earlier this week, and I’ve found out he’s been sending her money via PayPal AND he’s also a paid subscriber to her ConnectPal ( This is money that we agreed to save up for our kids.He’s been requesting private photos & even asking about booking “private foot worship sessions” with her. After me chewing him out & making him beg & plead for me to stay, he deleted his separate account. Following the aftermath, I decided to do some deep research on this chick Susan Apodaca-Leverette known prominently as “Miliani” and came to find out, she does this stuff as some sort of secondary lifestyle. She’s done these “private sessions” in the past and I’m certain she could careless if the men she “caters” to are married or not. Hell, she’s in a relationship herself. The only thing that seems to matter to her is the money.What gets me, is that she claims to be religious at the same time. Are you kidding? She has two baby daughters & still romes the streets afterhours. It just baffles me. The Pope said it best – “It’s better to be an Atheist than to lead a double life.” Anyway her real name is Susan Apodaca-Leverette & she lives here in Jacksonville somewhere. She works/worked for Bank of America… I’m not sure if she’s still there or not. But she’s trying to keep her “Side Hustle” under wraps which, I’m sure, is why she goes by Miliani. My fiancÚ & I are currently rebuilding the blocks of our relationship, needless to say, our wedding day has been postponed.

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