Susan R. Kohrs Zimmerman – Wentzville, Missouri Missouri


This woman here Susan R. Kohrs Zimmerman from Wentzville, MO is a married woman I have known for a long time. She has a cleaning business and she decided to hire my husband to work for her at Susan Detail Cleaning Service. Well come to find out she was having my husband do more than dust the cobwebs from the corners of the house. This old lady started having sex with my husband!!! Mind you she will smile in my face and always tell you God bless you. She says she is a child of God. When instead she is the devils whore. Ladies beware when hiring her to come clean your house with your man round. She pays men to work for her so she can f*ck them. Then smile on your face. She is a Godly Homewreker Maid Whore Beware Ladies she is there to do more than just clean your house.

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