Susan “Susie” Elizabeth Hanekow – If he lives with his wife the relationship was clearly NOT over! Michigan


This female worked with my husband and knew he was married living with me. She also knew that I went to their work almost every night to visit my husband. She tried to play it off she was not sleeping with my husband but yet left her panties and socks in my vehicle. She wanted a daddy for her son so she seduced my husband. She got pregnant and they live together which is interesting because he went into divorce court asking that we remain MARRIED! To be honest the baby she is pregnant with probably is not his. They are already engaged and we have only been divorced since April. She has no morals, she is nothing but a desperate slore who needed a baby daddy for her already born child and decided to get knocked up and take my husband. The kicker is she KNEW we were doing fertility treatments so this crazy home wreaking whore decided to sleep with a guy who she knew was married and attempting fertility treatments. But in the end go ahead and marry her Nate because she will eventually see who you really are. All my husband had to do was go to work come home play xbox and sleep i did everything else and yet somehow i’m the bad guy. I can’t wait to see the home wreaking whore alone with 2 kids when he decides to leave her it will be a joyous party over here. I got the big a55 house and he got a small apartment with 2 kids and a slore .. i’m pretty sure i won here! Anyone near Roma Vally dr in Shelby township and Rochester Hills keep an eye out for this girl because she will sleep with your man before you know what hit you. Keep an eye out for Nate Myers too in the same area he dose not care about ones relationship either!

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