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Susie Stillwell has attempted to move out, break up with her live in boyfriend but found out about her live in boyfriends, girlfriend. I nice lady, who’s in love with the man and accepted his marriage proposal. Susie found out about it and started harrassing the women every day. She first lied to her live in boyfriend to turn him away from his girlfriend by making him think his girl friend who has a Master’s degree in Law Enforcement was a person who stalked, drive by his house to harrass him, and made threats to her. This women never knew or scene Susie Stillwell. Susie Stillwell harrassed the women’s family and sent threatening letters to her mother and her son. She accuse a Educated women of commititing, a minor crimes, that was impossible to fit her busy schedule. Susie said; the Educated women drove by the house yelling out the window, using profanity, well come to find out the lady is not a person who use profanity to that extreme. Why would a women spend several years in college working on several degree’s to harrass Susie Stillwell a high school graduate who sings in a night club. No one in their right mind would spend several years in college working on three degree’s a Associate Applied Science Degree, a license in this field, a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s degree in Criminal justice. Why would she risk all of this to stalk, harrass, and threaten a person she didn’t even know. He was faithful to see his lover, he persude her, and showed her respect. Susie sent nasty threatening letters to the lady saying he was talking about the lady like a thug. When in reality he has always treated the lady with respect. Susie Stillwell lied so well about being a victim, while she was texting the lady, while she was working a School Teacher. Susie said; attempted to send a private message to school officials to assinate the ladies character. Also Susie Stillwell made a appearance at the ladies office and spread rumors about the lady in her business office. After Susie Stillwell tied the lady up in court a false threat and harrassment case, Susie was the person who was harrassing the lady. While the lady was being a nice lady and going about her everyday business, Susie was plotting Evil and started a false protective order against the lady making it seem as this lady had a reason to threat her. Well while she was doing all of this to the lady and I’m sure the male companion had no idea of her actions, he is not a spend access time on the computer. He would not know the details she writes on face book. She degrades the man on social network, after she breaks up a couple who love each other and respects each other she goes on fb and tells how she really feels about the man. She needs a place to live, so she is not ready to move out, so she breaks up a happy couple who had plan to be married some day in the future. This is really evil. I’m sure Tina Turner would not be please to know that a women, that is this evil and vindictive is traveling to immitate Tina Turner. Text messages are recorded from Susie Stillwell to this lady. She should be under investigation for perjury, threats, and all the evil she has done to keep this couple apart. This is a true statement. Susie Stillweel should know that she can not make it in this world demeaning people, and causing problems for other people and think she will make it to the top. Nobody will buy her CS’s are want to be in her presence knowing that she is a evil person who would easily lie on a innocent person to break up a couple who says they love each other. She read the text they sent to each other every day, for a long length of time, she read their emails, she was out of the picture, they were no longer together, she needs a place to stay so she lied to break them up so she could have a place to live. No women who loves a man would demean him on social network to the whole world. Entertainer’s beware, if she can lie on a police report about a lady she has never seen in her life, or know anything about personally, think what she could do to your interview. Susie needs to know she can not threathen and harrass another women because she is with her man. Case Dismiss. Harrassment is not when you have proof of loving and spending time with a man, and everyone see’s you are happy together. When you are kissing on the dance floor, walking out holding hands, and kiss everytime you walk up and see each other, call each other every single day without a skip, and find time to see each other every other day not missing a week. Driving each other’s vehicles and discussing marriage that is not harrassment. But Susie took this information and falsified a report to make it look like harrassment, she dont’s want him, and she don’t want the lady to have him. Susie does not want to move out of the house, so he drinks and he is unhappy because Susie want leave. The lady is the Mystery love. The authorities will be He waiting for Susie to make false reports on other ladies she is jealous of, so she wil go to jail for perjury and harrassment., declaration of character, and deadly threats. Susie fail to realize an arrest does not mean you are guilty, Texas law states a person is innocent until proven guilty. How can a husband harrass his wife, or a wife harrass her husband. If Susie is convicted she just might receive a abstract of judgment.

Houston, Texas USA

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