Swanson Health Products Review


On 11/26/14, I ordered 8 different vitamins from Swanson Health Products, a total of $63.21, then discovered I was allergic to some of the ingredients, so contacted Swanson by fax on 11/30/14 to cancel the order, except for 2 vitamins. I wrote them a check for the $63.21. On 12/1/14, Swanson then wrote a check to my bank for $19.82, for the 2 vitamins, with the exact same check number, saying a signature was not required, plus cashed my check for $63.21, rather than send me a refund. A few days later I received the 2 vitamins, and several days after that received the cancelled order, which was left by my front door. I tried calling Swanson, but was put on hold indefinitely, so went to the Post Office to return the package, unopened and marked refused, but had to pay an additional $14.25 to do so, as it was shipped through their carrier named Lasership. There was no phone number listed for Lasership on the package, and I did not want to open it. This is basically fraud, so I will be contacting the BBB and other Government Agencies as well to investigate further. .

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