Sweet Life Farms Review


I worked for this company they was taking 50 dollars from my pay on every trip i had come down with the flu which developed into something life threating so after spending two weeks in the hospital they called me wanting to know when i was coming back to work so i tod them they then started calling me back to back after that so i told them i will be bring them there truck back i was sick and it was a cry sheme to keep calling me after i had already talked to someone on what was going on so after i was released by the doctors i returned the truck cleand and no damages i was told that my excrow would be returned in a few days but when i caled they told me that i had to put in a two week notice to received it back this was my money and i have to pay taxes on that money BEWARE OF SWEET LIFE THEY ARE CROOKS


  • Name: Sweet Life Farms
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Plant
  • Address: 203 E Terrace Dr
  • Phone: 813-719-1938
  • Website: www.sweetlifefarms.com/

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