Swells Inc & Sons Review


My car was towed to the business on December 23rd 2016, and the repair was stated at 500.00. Despite contact in January and February regarding a timeframe of the repair, the business would not respond to calls or text messages for updates. A notification that the car would be fixed was given on Februaray 20th stating that the car was almost finished, but there was no further update given regarding the car nor its condition. Upon utilizing a third-party (Friend) to inquire on the delay, the businesses mechanic stated that there was a defective part which was ordered, and that the part needed to be replaced. After a month passed by with no update regarding the vehicles condition, or progress made on it, a request was made to have the car finished by 4/6/2017 or be granted a refund on the 500.00 payment. The only response received was an apology for the delay, but no indication if the car would be ready or if a reimbursement would be given. As of 4/13/2017, all attempts of contact via phone and text have yielded no responses.


  • Name: Swells Inc & Sons
  • Country: United States
  • State: Ohio
  • City: Cleveland
  • Address: 15925 Holmes Ave
  • Phone: 216-413-9703
  • Website:

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