Swift Transportation Highland Illinois


Complaint: My two teenage sons were driving to their little brother’s birthday party on 02/22/2014. My 16 year old was driving 70 mph and was passed by a white semi. The trucker did not give them enough clearance and got into their lane pushing them off of the highway and into a barbed wire fence. My 13 year old saw Swift Trucking on the side and back of the truck. Swift trucking’s attorney contacted us and investigated. There were Swift trucks in the area and he admitted the trucks that my sons described were corporate trucks. He called back and said since no other witnesses came forward that they would not cover medical bills or my son’s car. I am appalled that my children could have both been killed by this reckless driver and no one at Swift cares nor will they take responsibility since there were no other witnesses stepping forward. The only reason I can think of that may explain why the driver didn’t stop is that he may have been intoxicated. My sons had no idea what Swift was, they only knew that the white truck that ran them off the road said Swift all over it. I am outraged and disappointed in the company as a whole. If you have an opportunity to do business with this company, please go elsewhere! Anne Highland, Illinois

Tags: Drunk Drivers

Address: 2200 S 75th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85043 Greenville, Illinois USA

Website: swifttrans.com/

Phone: (602) 269-9700

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