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Complaint: Just a warning for all the Swift drivers who think they are the special ones who are taken care of because they work hard. I too thought the same thing. I have a extremely strong work ethic and am not a complainer. I made Platinum driver status after 7 1/2 months. It was not easy and had it been up to my DM i would have remained at bronze status because she was totally incompetent at the job. Long story short, I was a driver with no preventable or non preventable accidents, no late pick ups or deliveries, and no citations of any kind. Because of Swift policy of not paying for things like truck washes i also paid for 1 truck wash a month out of my own pocket. I wear clean/ decent clothes and maintain a professional image. I take pride in being a truck driver and tried to show it. I will not go into specifics because of pending legal action but will tell you they screwed me like no one has ever attempted before. I was an experienced driver when I went to Swift and knew all the horror stories. I also know myself and work ethic and feel I can work and perform anywhere. I was absoluteley, positively proven wrong. This means nothing to Swift. They only want warm bodies who have no other options in life. This is a company whose policy has been to churn and burn inexperienced drivers at .25c mile. That has not worked and they are now trying to force good drivers into their lease/fleece program . I will warn you though that when they are done with you they will try and destroy you. I quit them, turned my truck in at the terminal and left. I have since received a copy of my DAC and Swift shows I have no DOT reportable or non reportable accidents or violations.Yet they have put a statement in my DAC report that says, “equipment was involved in an occurance or act that produced unintended injury

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Website: 0 DOT non reportable accidents and no violations yet the statement they attached to my DAC is solely for the purpose of retaliation. I have had to retain an attorney just to get this removed from my DAC so I can work again. BTW I have been driving T/T for 11 years previous to Swift. I have only had 2 other jobs in that time period. So take warning

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