Synchrony Bank Bradenton Florida Review


I have a defered intrest credit card with Synchrony bank, and have several defered intrest payments due to be paid off this year, both are under $400.00. One needs to be paid by February 04, 2018,in the amount of $359.00 I made a payment of $127.00 in December 2017, another is due on December 04, 2018in the amount of $302.26, another is due on April04 2019 in the amount of $284.85, the last payment is due November 04, 2019 in the amount of $2200.00. When I made the payment of $127.00 in December 2017 they took $95.00 dollars and applied it to the $2200.00 charge due in December 2019. To pay off the $359.00 due on February 04, 2018 it will now cost $454.00. I feel their defered payment plans are no more than a scam just so you would default on a defered payment so they can charge you accrued intrest. This bank needs to be reported to the state AG’s office , and to the agency that lets a bank due business.

Bradenton, Florida United States


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