T Mobile Review


I was contacted on my cell phone. The man said I am with—-,Your cell phone provider. I was informed that I was eligible for a "free" tablet. I asked what made me eligible. He said I checked your account. He said he was from a store in a city that I have not been in. The caller ID was not from a company phone, but a cell phone. The exchange is NOT one for that particular company. Any time I have received calls previously from my provider it is from a a land line at the store or customer service office. This did not line up. He then said there would be charge of $24.95 for "tax" on my "free" Item. If I would give my credit card number he would mail that out! I said No thank you. I will go to my local store and pick it up there. When I called customer service I was told there is no where on my account info that I am eligible for FREE equipment. And that they do not contact customers asking for credit card info. The mans name is Chris. His phone number is 409-313-4557. Customer service said file a police report. PD said file a complaint with FCC since I did not lose money. I called the store in the city where the man said he works. There is someone by that name there. But that is the only thing that adds up. BE AWARE! Do not give payment info or any personal info to someone you do not know. Check out the deal with customer service or call the store yourself.

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