Talia Dutton – Stockbridge, Massachusetts Massachusetts


This girl here is just straight trash. I’ve never met a more disturbed female in my life. I would say woman but she’s not even worth being called that. Not only has she ruined a family once, but this is the second time. And while she thinks she has the upper hand because he spends his nights with her, he goes home everyday to a wife who gives the world to him but he doesn’t appreciate it. Little does she know that you lose someone the same way you got them. And that history repeats itself. So while she’s thinking she’s got it all and he’s the perfect man in her eyes and the wife is just a horrible woman I wonder if she knows about (we’re gunna call him johnny) Johnnys little secrets as well.. like the fact that he’s a racist, alcoholic, bitch boy who just uses everyone for the time being just to get what he wants. Screws over his own family and he’s got three children now by an ex wife that he doesn’t even care about. But let me just tell you a little bit more about talia.. lol this bitch here didn’t have a place to live but saw johnny as a meal ticket for her and her children. Not only has she badly abused drugs in her past life but she’s locked her kids from her room In the middle of the day just to have sex with random men. She’s just a who’re. And this time around she knew he was married and that they have been married because of the first time this happened. But anyways just wanted to but this piece of garbage out there. She might have stds so watch out.

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