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The owners, Barry and Tamara Spieler of Captain Inn in Mount Dora Florida. Who are now in Key West as the owners and operators of Rampage Fishing Charters, took a reservation from us for a night they charged months in advance. The company closed their doors. Nobody called us, nobody emailed us, nobody heard nothin–until we called about three months before the trip, when we found out they were out of business. They took our money about two months before they closed and now are living in Key West. When we called them there, they demanded we prove they had taken the money by producing a confirmation email from them (a statement from our bank that they had charged our card would simply not do) and insisted they’d tried to contact us (certainly not by any of our contact info, however). All they have to do is a reverse bank transfer of $225.33. I provided an e-mail from them and bank statements. When I called Tamara Spieler she told me she had been too busy to check the office e-mail in October. Then she tells me they are going to file ch. 13. Then the story changes again to they are opening the Captain inn on Dec 1st. In every e-mail I ask for her attorney’s contact information she refuses to give it to me. Then in the last conversation she said the police were invovled. I informed her good what is the officers name and your attorney contact information. She hangs up the telephone and once again refusing to give me any contact information. I can prove everything that is written. This has been reported to Better bussines bureau and Federal trade commision. I can prove everything!The address was very long and I was unable to put the complete address on the report. I have copied and pasted below.Rampage Fishing Charters City Marina at Garrison Bight Slip 3 1801 Roosevelt Blvd Key West, Florida 33040 305-731-3752

City Marina at Garrison Bight Key West, Florida United States of America



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