Tamara Y. Thomas – Lithonia, Georgia Georgia


This woman found herself in a relationship with my husband over the past few months. She knew he had a family and lived with his wife but crawled into the web of lies and eventually into a motel bed with him. He of course lied and said we were separated but what woman in her right mind would believe that a couple is separated while still living together. When I caught onto their affair and brought it to both their attention she continued to seek him out. The worst part about it is that my sick husband was having and affair with two other women as well. She learned of this and she still believes that they were meant to be. So sad that even after learning we were not separated and of the other two women she would send him this email professing her love to him. He deleted it and did not reply to her sickness…these are the type of women that need to be exposed because they are true home wreckers. Find your own partner Tammy and a self-esteem!!!

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