Tami Cole – Cromwell, Kentucky Kentucky


This is Tami Cole, she works in human resources in a local factory that my friend and her husband (he’s not employeed there any longer) work at. My friend came home one day and decided to look at her husbands phone. Her husband had a message from someone named Thomas that read “you should’ve pinned me up against the storage room wall.” Obviously this was someone at work, but not a Thomas! So, my friend contacted a friend of hers who also works in the HR department and gave her the phone number of this Thomas. Her friend in HR flipped out, because it was Tami Cole’s number. Tami Cole is engaged, but that wasn’t good enough, she had to get her hands on someone else’s husband. What’s even more amazing is my friend still works at that factory, so does Tami, how, no one knows. Someone who was supposed to help the employees, destroys thier lives. Ladies whose husbands work in cromwell, keep your men away from her, she doesn’t care to ruin a family.

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