Tammy Burns Forsyth & Rodney Skelton Indiana Indiana


I was married to Tammy Burns Forsyth for 14 years. Tammy had an affair when we lived in Beach Grove Indiana with a dick by the name of Dan Miles. We moved from there to another county. I should have known when I caught her with Dan Miles again after we moved I should have called it quits. I guess technically I should have left as soon as I found out her divorce with her other husband was not the”done deal” I was told when I met her. We made it about 3 years before I found out she was having an affair with one of her boss’s at work by the name of Rodney Skelton. Rodney was telling everyone his wife was having an affair and they were divorcing. Feeling sorry for him I missed my very good friends birthday party. || Wish I knew then What I know now. I let this loser into my home, helped him introduced him to my friends and sacrificed to help him only to find out later him and Tammy were screwing each other for months before and their affair was the reason for Rodney’s divorce from his wife. Tammy promised it was over would. Ever happen again yada yada yada. I didn’t trust or believe her again. Amazingly enough she is running around telling people how rude, mean and ogre like I am. Which I was not until she lied cheated and stole from me. || Well they are settling in their own misery now. Their broke asses are together and she will cheat on him the same as she did me twice or he will cheat on here the same way he cheated on his wife multiple times. If you run into either of these people. Run, run very fast. If you are stupid enough to date either of them when they tell you they are working late, going to the grocery store, their best friends house. (This was the best lie. I was talking to her best friend while she was supposedly there). Just do yourself a favor, no matter how drunk, how horny, how lonely you are run. || Found their personal messages on Facebook dating back to when Rodney was still married. Found text messages caught them in public together. That low life turd actually had the balls to say hey George how is it going? Well if you ever just want to find a slut to sleep with go to (REMOVED) in Plainfield IN and I am sure Tammy or Rodney the parts manager will f*** you with very little effort. They are both low life multiple time cheaters.

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