Tammy kinton Stephens-Ramseur – Liberty, Virginia Virginia


You can’t even get a decent single man. That’s why your hate and your confused evilness destroys homes including your own. Teaching your son first hand how to play the game. There’s no excuse to dismiss the cruelty of creating havoc in my life from your mouth, prohibiting my due process ammendment of a speedy trial after 3 years, and women like you with 2 DUI, illegal rx drugs, are admired as insane drug lacing American women convicts. Honorable that your also feeling entitled to ruin my marriage demanding my divorce by a phone call, but somehow your disapproval to my husband to allow me back after 3 years, where I unlike you, I didn’t commit a crime. Hmm, perhaps I should’ve listened to you when you suggested if we were smart wed put both our heads together and take over an empire. But, I’m not smart enough to play contacts games you’d have to teach homewrecker 101 to long to list.

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