Tanya Marie Klingsporn – Bridgeport, Nebraska Nebraska


Tanya Marie Klingsporn works at Bridgeport hospital. She was dating a guy whom she claimed to love so much. Then after 4 months she said to get out. Few days later she was back together with him because she supposedly felt bad, few months later she said same thing. They talked about it and next day they went on family outing, and everything was good. So he thought ! They had realations 3-5 times a day for a week then she claimed she had meetings in denver for work. Well he felt something wasn’t right and she called him. They talked for bit he finally asked if she was there with her ex. Yes she said. Yes to sleeping with him also. She straight up amitted to cheating on him and she’s sorry! Yet few days before she messaged him saying how amazing he was and that they both where working on a good founded relationship after they both got out of bad ones prior. She is smart, intelligent, charming, beautiful, but just watch out she is NOT who or what she claims.

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