Tanya Pendley – Albuquerque, New Mexico New Mexico


Tanya Pendley and I dated for 3 years. I’ll be honest, I was head over heals in love with this woman. To me she was my everything. I turned the other way for things she used to do to me cuz I loved her so much. We were argueing one day of the many and she was at work, she started texting things about my daughter so I went to her work to tell her to keep her threats and mouth off my daughter. I think any parent would do the same. She came out to talk to me witch lasted about 30 seconds. Her boss sat about 20 feet away at the glass door. After I told her to stop saying things about my daughter she went inside and called police saying I pulled a knife on her and threatened to kill her. I went to jail for that lie and found out that she filed charges. I kept texting and calling her and I have warrants now for violating a protection order and threating a household member from a restraint she filed, yet she was the one contacting me. Come to find out she did this to get housing for cheap at my expense. By the way her boss stated on the police report he never saw me do what she said I did and he watched the whole thing from 20 ft. away yet I still got arrested, lost my job and still have warrants. Go figure that one out plus she lied. Cheated and played games our whole time together. Beware of Tanya Pendley… she’s not what she claims to be…

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