Tara Beth Aldrich – Almena, Kansas Kansas


This is Tara and she and my ex started to date in 2013 and recently they broke up and him and I started to talk and date again, my boyfriend cassidy says that they aren’t together but she says they are and I need to leave her man alone, when I talk to him he says that they are just friends or that she wants him to take her back that she is crazy and that he is mine and only mine! I met Cassidy in 2012 when he came to work at a nursing home where i work at, a mutal friend hooked us up and i started a relationship with him for a year and then broke up and now back together with him, Tara needs to just leave my Man alone! She has in the past lead him to believe she was pregnant and miscarries and is saying she is pregnant now with his child but I am the one carrying his baby. Please beware of this homewrecker! The pictures are of Tara and my boyfriend that she won’t take off of her facebook page

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