Tara Carys Welch Foster – Coushatta, Louisiana Louisiana


I Met Tara in may. She was my neighbor. We moved in our house shortly after we started dating; I had a really good job. I found out she was 10 weeks pregnant by her ex that she said she left because he had addictions such as pills and alcohol and was also abusive to her. After a couple of weeks, she left for the weekend saying she was going to her grandmas house. At this point she had been acting very strange, ignoring all of my phone calls and texts, which was really weird, because it was completely random. I made a few calls to our friends and family, and everyone told me to check her ex-boyfriends house. When I arrived, she came running out of his bedroom she was wearing nothing but a t-shirt and thong. When she came outside, she cussed me out up one side and down the other. I told her I was done and that we were over and went back to work. By the time I got home, she was already home. She begged me to take her back and said that it was all a big mistake because she was just trying to do what was best for her baby because he had told that he changed his life and had a good job with good money and a brand new truck. Which he lied to her about. He didn’t have any of it. After a few days of talking with a lot of our friends and family, we did get back together. We moved into a better house, and everything was GREAT for a long time. I ended up getting laid off, and she stuck around for about two weeks. At this point, i had put applications in everywhere, but no one was hiring. So she broke up with me and left just before Thanksgiving AFTER I had already bought everything the baby needed, and went back to her mom and dads. We ended up getting into an argument and stopped talking. The day that she had the baby, I got a new job making 1K a week, and she wanted to get back together with me. (i know I’m stupid, but yall have to remember I fell in love with this slut) We stayed in separate houses until after Christmas, and I put us in our own house. Spent 5k on Christmas and the house for all of our kids (i had kids from previous marriage, and so does she) 2 days after we moved into our house I left to go out of state for a job, and she brought drugs into the house around minors. I was able to come home a day early and ended up getting let go from there as well. When I got home, everything was ok for about a week, and she went back to being a stripper claiming she wanted quick money for “rent.” A couple of weeks later, we had money for rent (we both had jobs at this point), and I went to get the kids from school, and when I got home, she said that she was taking her kids to live with their dad, and we were going to move out and live with a friend until we could get back on our feet. After she had left, I found out she planned on staying else where, until she could break up her ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend, which she was successful using the baby as leverage. And NOW a new guy has come into the picture, saying he thinks he’s the father because tara and this guy were together a whole month just before she found out she was pregnant, which leaves her cheating on her ex-boyfriend with that guy. Shes a crazy psychotic bitch, and her and her family use her mental illness as a crutch for all of her problems. WHICH I DIDNT EVEN KNOW ABOUT UNTIL A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO. AND I THINK SHES HAVING SEX WITH A RELATIVE JUST BECAUSE OF THE CONTEXT OF THEIR CONVERSATIONS (PICTURES INCLUDED). She has used EVERYONE she has been with.

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