Tarra Smith – Seneca, Arizona Arizona


My husband and I were married or 10 years, we worked together for a little over 2 years. Tarra Smith came into the picture during the last 2 months of our marriage, she is a coworker that decided to latch onto my husband because he was such a good listener. I confronted her and the only answer I got out of her was ” I’ll do what I need to do”. She should have had her head thumped then. My husband’s attitude abruptly changed and started staying in hotels during the times I was home from business trips. I had several pictures sent to me from friends showing the 2 of them together. Phone records were pulled and sure enough 90-100 calls within 3 weeks. I filed for divorce. I will not tolerate being cheated on and the abuse that this man has put me through over the last 11 years. TARRA SMITH OF SENECA SC. A DUKE ENERGY EMPLOYEE, which from what I’ve been told, has slept with several of Duke’s employees to secure her position, is a HOME WRECKER!!!!

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