Tatjana Bauer – Hagerstown, Maryland Maryland


Her name is Tatjana Bauer and she is currently 5/6 months pregnant by a married man named Omar Nunez. Omar and Tatjana have been having an affair on and off for over a year and she is now carrying his love child. Tatjana knew he was married and still pursued him being in a relationship with him even after meeting the wife and crying about how sorry she was that he told her he was not married! Even know that Omar and his wife are currently going through a divorce process Bc of his affairs, OMAR still begs his wife to forgive him and take him back even with this other child on the way in a few months. Tatjana knew that she was destroying a happy family with her affair and that the relationship had three kids that would be greatly affected by this. She even convinced Omar not to have anything to do with his other kid and he goes months without speaking to his children. Tatjana is a nasty ***** Who likes to prey on married men! What she doesn’t realize is what A married man will do to his wife he will do to anyone! Please share my story as much as possible so that everyone can find out the truth about this woman!

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