Tax Client Services Review


So i was very busy with other issues i was having. When i got ready to contact him i google his number. Because i had no contact number for him. I went on google search and found a number for tax clent support. I then reach out to my bank to make sure i had the right number. Bank confirm that he was the right number. | So i then call the number the person whom answer my call told me tht he has been reciving a lot of calls for that same lawyer. So he did not who he was and i neede to contact the bbb. I am currently working with my bank to get my money redunded. | The laweyer reach out my bank telling that he was law firm but right now i just what my money refunded Gave the bank another that he could be reach i then spoke with him about issuie I was having trying to reach him but he really did not have time to talk.


  • Name: Tax Client Services
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: San Francisco
  • Address: 505 Montgomery Street, 11th Floor
  • Phone: 1-(415) 619-7963
  • Website:

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