Taylor Thi-Tuyet Nguyen – Chaska, Minnesota Minnesota


This “lady” has been sexting with my husband for a long time. She started in March 2016 when he had broken his arm at work and I was working 55+ hour weeks on top of taking care of him. Then when we got married in Dec 2017, she contacted him 2 DAYS AFTER OUR WEDDING! My 23 year old son was killed in a motorcycle accident in Feb 2018. A few days after that she reached out to offer her fake condolences and then asked how our sex life was at the moment. She sext him! The lowest point of my life, and her idea of reaching out is to be concerned with his sex life while I am grieving the loss of my son. I mean if you really want to do something, bake a freaking casserole for God’s sake! When I found all of this out a few days ago, instead of having the conversation with me, she blocked me everywhere. Obviously not proud of her actions, she blocked my husband too. So I told her boyfriend what she had been doing. He dumped her!!

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