Tea Party Pac Review


The Tea Party Pac sent me an email, within the email was an offer to get Trump coins for free and was asked to pay 6.99 shipping which was ok with me, And 4.95 for insurance which was ok as well. | The insuance is worthless, I called the phone number 6 times trying to get this resoved, I was over charged go figure. My Bank account was charged 30.90 so do you see the Theft here. | All of the websites that I was refered to get some help resolving this was Dead! | Web Address associated with this is campaigns.trumpvictoryfund.com/victory-fund-fax


  • Name: Tea Party Pac
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Tampa
  • Address: 610 S. Boulevard
  • Phone: 714-796-1776
  • Website: teapartypac.org/

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