Team One Auto Group Review


I had my Ford focus in for inspection that was passing as itbwas pre certified to pass by another team of inspectors that is till I took itbto team one. The mechanic lifted my car and never stoppped lifting my car even though there was though screaches and moans. The manager ran to never check the noise out. Enough to know know the loud noise i heard was damage being done to my fkex pipe and heat shield cause of improper lift of my car on the right side. You can physically see the damage of the lift. They tried to over charge me a car part and became beligerant rude towardd me and even gave me bad additude as i sat waiting for my car. They refuse to contact me on the matter to resolve it.


  • Name: Team One Auto Group
  • Country: United States
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: York
  • Address: 440 Loucks Road
  • Phone: 717-846-8326
  • Website:

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