Tee Construction LLC Review


As a general construction contractor,this gent is very immature,especially when he doesnt get his way.After hiring him,he attempted to dictate to our family,because his name was first on building permit,that we had to go through him to hire other contractors(electricians,etc),My wife caught him eventually overcharging us for a door that was actually 70dollars,when he charged 300.Also was charging us for “research time” on computer,over areas of work he wasnt familar with.Upon terminating his employment,he then started making up stories that were so far fetched,it was laughable.He also complains to YP.COM regarding negative reviews,but writes his own review on yp,which is the only review for his company.All in all,we lost approximately $2,500.00 hiring this company.


  • Name: Tee Construction LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: Wisconsin
  • City: Hobart
  • Address: 4150 Merrimac Way
  • Phone: (414) 269-6565
  • Website:

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