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I placed an order at the end of November for a t-shirt for my grandma. I paid for my order, and I was emailed and reassured that I would receive my item by Christmas. They emailed and told me that my item would take 2-3 weeks. I waited and waited. I emailed the company at least 4 times asking if my shirt would arrive by Christmas. They emailed me back twice saying that my shirt was in shipping. It did not arrive for Christmas, it did not arrive. This service is a scam. I can’t believe they are still operating and taking money from customers. This was a huge disappointment for my Christmas giving. I was not able to have a present for my grandma, because I was assured that my package would arrive. It was all false, and I still can’t believe that they haven’t refunded me or anything. They keep saying the package is in shipping. Well, it could have traveled the globe by now and come back. Don’t shop there anyone!

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