Teigen Blaine Caroll – Centerville, Iowa Iowa


This girl Teigen Blaine Caroll will go after anyone’s man. It doesn’t matter if you’re married or in a serious relationship. If it’s got a d***, she wants it. She will become obsessed with the guy, go to extremes to get what she wants. Then once the guy becomes interested in her and she gets whatever she can out of him she will disappear. Once he’s not interested in her again, she will come back for more. It doesn’t matter how long she is in a relationship with someone, she will cheat on them. It doesn’t matter if she swears she won’t do it again or she is a different person, she will f*** you over. She’s like a parasite. She seems like a great catch, which she might be for a while, but she’ll end up taking in a d*** that isn’t yours.

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