Telex corporation Review


Found on the job website "" A woman named Jackie Newze from the corporation called telex corporation powered by (disa) Defense Information Systems Agency.They approach you in an email stating that you meet requirements for a position with them and they found your resume. It was based in New York and they had companies all over the united states but they’re opening a location near you. Not once have they given me an address of where it would be. Just names of people i would receive a call from a "Christian Anderson" after the contract they sent you through your email is signed and sent back. They sound legit, except some spelling is wrong, they really seem like a copy and paste type of emails. Some key words are in bold letters. They have numbers to call for issues, they tell you that your hired right away then say you have a test of trust and duty which is a Check being mailed to you to cash and purchase items from wal mart, best buy, or apple. The interview process is basic questions but they ask for the bank which you have an account with. They ask your gender, some job experience, if you can use mobile or atm depositing. It seems too good to be true because they say you get all these benefits and the pay is $30.00 an hour and you have the choice of morning or afternoon. Paid weekly. When you receive the check contact police immediately or you can also be persecuted.

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