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Chris Sherwood of Tempe Jeep tried to rip me off on 6/10/2014 by trying to sell me service on my front differential which was just repaired 12/13/2014. Originally I brought my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee in for a couple of service items on 7/22/2013. My rear window would not latch down which they said they repaired. At the same time they indicated that the front differential mounts & bushings were warned out and needed to be changed. I shopped around and save a couple of hundred dollars in cost by going through another company. On 6/09/2014 I took my Jeep back to Tempe Jeep because the rear window latch they supposedly repaired stop working again plus I needed to have the oil changed in both differentials. I received a call from Chris on 6/10/2014 indicating the cost to change the oil for both differentials would be $360. I almost fell off my chair when he said this. He also indicated that my mounts & bushing on the front differential had become so worn that he highly recommend doing the work now, otherwise if the mounts brake it would become very expensive. I asked him again about the mounts and he reconfirmed that they needed to be change now. At this point I told him that I just had them replaced by another company which completely caught him off guard and said he would call me back. When he called back he said they would take care of the $270 hatch repair for free but he thought that the mounts & bushing were warned but didnít elaborate. If the latch wasnít repaired right the first time then there shouldnít be a charge. He also led me to believe that the repair would be completed and I could pick up the Jeep on 6/11/2014. After I got home and read their paperwork I found the latches werenít repaired but parts were ordered. On 6/11/2014 I took my Jeep to Fletchers Auto Service on Arizona Ave and dealt with the manager Mark Seigh. I had them change the synthetic oil in both differentials for a cost of only $110. Thatís $250 cheaper than Tempe Dodge. I always have my guard up when dealing with auto repair people but I never imagine a Jeep dealership trying to rip me off as much as Chris at Tempe Dodge tried to. They should be ashamed of themselves and frankly the public should be aware of what kind of business they really are and go elsewhere to do business. .

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Tempechryslerjeepdodge.net Review

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