Tennesse Trappers Review


Me and my family were having some issues with squirrels gaining access to our attic and we called a company by the name of Tennessee Trappers to help us with the problem. Because of the urgency of the matter and against my wifeís wishes I rushed into finding and calling the first company I seen on the internet instead of shopping around and I have regretted ever since. | The service was outrageously expensive to begin with $287.00 for the setting of traps and $75.00 dollars per squirrel removed from our home and they came to our home and did an inspection and told us that our roof edge had a very large gap in it all away around our home and that we were looking at around $1,500.00 just to have that sealed up. | They also told us that all the insulation in our attic needed replaced because of the damage the squirrels had caused and quoted us $9,000.00 for that. My wife being as suspicious as she is wanted to get a second opinion about all the stuff that Tennessee Trappers said needed to be done and started calling around to have another company do an inspection. Another company came out and did an inspection for free. Needless to say I was furious when I found out the inspection findings from the other company. | The roof edge that supposedly needed sealed didnít, it was tight and nothing was wrong with it and the owner of the second company took photos to show me. The second company took photos of inside the attic as to which Tennessee Trappers didnít and told us that only a small amount of the attic insulation needed replaced. I was very furious and called Tennessee Trappers and demanded our money back for the trapping service and told them about finding out about how they were liars and trying to swindle us out of money. | They refused to give a refund on the trapping service either though they had only been trapping a few days and never captured anything. I told them to get there dam traps and leave the property. If we had not gotten that second opinion we would have spent about $10,500.00 for things that never need to be done to begin with. These guys are crooks and thieves and I highly recommend staying away from them!


  • Name: Tennesse Trappers
  • Country: United States
  • State: Tennessee
  • City: Greenbrier
  • Address: 2447 US-41
  • Phone: 615-424-2586
  • Website: www.tennesseetrappers.com/

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