Teresa Epps – St. Paul, Minnesota Minnesota


So this ugly bitch thought it would be a good idea to start flirting with a married man. This is not a case of her not knowing the man was married. She knew he was married with children. Yet she decided to contact him and send him pictures of her disgusting body. She also thought it would be awesome to tell him she fantasizes about him, that she wants him, wants to have sex with him…blah, blah, blah. This chick obviously has no still esteem. Instead of trying to find herself a man who is single, she rather play the part of a home wrecker. Just because her life is missing a man, doesn’t mean she had the right to go after someone else’s. She needs to find a man who is single. She needs to grow up. She needs to develop some self esteem. She needs to not mess with married men, period. She is not a good woman. A good woman does not go after married men. She is a pathetic, cheap, deplorable, lousy excuse for a woman!

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