Teresa Licari – Beloit, Wisconsin Wisconsin


We have been dating for almost 3 years when we decided to buy a home together. He went out on the road so we could afford the down payment for our home. I’m not going to lie when I say this but, I’m going through the change and having sex wasn’t on my mind at all until after I got on hormone therapy and he is also gone 21 to 25 days out of the month. With that being said, he contacted her about a “mutual” friend and supposedly that is how it all started. Teresa Licari made him pay her way to Alabama to have sex with her. Then when I found her number on my cell phone bill and I started to ask questions, he started to back away from her cause of his fear of me finding out. Well she then took it upon herself to tell me and claim she didn’t know we were about to purchase a home. I read some of the text messages and he clearly states what is going on that side of his life. She just got mad that he chose me over her and she wanted to make sure to make it miserable for me. Please she owns a dog sitting company and I’m hoping those that are seeking her “professionalism” in that area know that if she can come all the way from Beloit Wisconsin to have sex with my man, she will just about travel to the ends of the world to have sex with yours. Please be careful ladies. She’s a true piece of crap!!

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