Teresa Rogers – Lyman, South Carolina South Carolina


This thing right here, is a home wrecker. My husband wasn’t the first and won’t be the last. She talks all kinds of trash about her husband and then stalks (for lack of a better word) other men constantly. My husband isn’t innocent, but he ended things with her after a few good romps and she wouldn’t leave him alone.  She Evan had the nerve to introduce herself to my daughter. She would tell my husband she loved him and I know it’s he said she said, but he barely loves anyone, so I know the feeling wasn’t mutual. She went after him and wouldn’t stop until she got what she wanted. I found her love note in his truck and sent a screen shot of it to her. Like a the moron she obviously is, she showed the picture to her husband and he knew it was from her. She claims to be a Christian and she acts like a w****. Watch you man around her ladies! She met me several times trying to be all buddy buddy with me while she was pushing that nasty ass on my husband. After I found out and called her to confront her, she said she knew my husband was madly in love with me, because he always spoke so highly of me and told her he was head over heels all the time. He may have had no self control after months of her pushing him, but she’s got an issue. She will have to meet her maker one day and explain how she ruined 2 marriages and broke not only my heart, but my daughter’s heart as well. Kharma police, arrest this cat named Garbage.

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