Teresa Violet Arasheben — Fraud, scammer, aggressor, attacker, hateful woman

Teresa Violet Arasheben — Fraud, scammer, aggressor, attacker, hateful woman

Teresa Violet Arasheben, who also goes by Terry Smith, Tressa Arasheben, Terry Arasheben, and many more names has been brutally harassing dozens of people online for years. She has been creating false reports all over the internet about old coworkers, previous bosses, lawyers, judges, even a woman who she took a parenting class from. She also LOVES to create videos about these people too on her channel that’s full of fake fans that she has made in attempt to make the world think that people care what she has to say.

Teresa is a compulsive liar who loves to get attention in whatever way she can. She is currently lying about having a dog rescue business and fostering dogs. She went so far as to attack a woman who had to put her dog down due to having cancer and made several videos on tiktok about this poor woman. Teresa claims to foster dogs, but there is no proof of this.

Teresa “owns” a scam business that’s NOT real called Syc Mystic. She has made videos on two of her channels, Teresa Arasheben and Terry Arasheben, on YouTube “reviewing” the products from Syc Mystic and claims that she is not the owner, but she then submitted a story to a BS website that takes any story on VoyageLA admitting that SHE Tressa Arasheben is the owner, NOT “Terry Raven” that is claimed on the [censored] website. Teresa/Tressa ALSO claims that she has her degree in nutrition, however, this woman is delusional if she claims that she got her degree. She couldn’t finish college and do something productive if her life depended on it. You’d think she’d spend the countless years she spent behind bars to actually finish college, but nope. Luckily, the pattern still stands that she WILL [censored] again and she WILL end up back behind bars again where she belongs.

Teresa does not want you to know that she is the owner of the business because she has been to prison and charged with dozens of charges of fraud and theft(along with other charges such as libel and slander, assault, and many more.) She was fired from a business, who actually ended up suing her, because she stole the customers credit card information and used them as she pleased. She also was caught stealing credit cards from staff’s purses at a spa who left the room as she was getting a facial. She will steal anything you have if you allow her to. Do not put your personal information in her trap of a website.

Teresa Arasheben, or Tressa Arasheben, which is what she goes by now so that people don’t know about her TRUE past, is a criminal who will down play all of her crimes as “oh it’s just a white collar petty crime” but she has been doing this since the 1980’s. She does not feel any remorse for the awful things she’s done to other people. It’s sickening. Imagine having someone commit identify theft against you, steal your credit card, rack it up, and then tell you that it’s not that big of a deal and just a “white collar crime?” How would you feel after that? She could have potentially [censored] people’s lives up and doesn’t care.

If you come into contact with her and she doesn’t like you, she will insistently become OBSESSED with you. She will create dozens and dozens of different forums about you all over the internet in attempt to create lies about you and make your name look bad. She will release private information of yours such as your license plate number, drivers licence number, home address, email address, and phone number if she can get access to those things.

Teresa has a violent past (She literally attempted to STAB a woman in the EYE while in prison this last time and talks about it like it’s no big deal)and shows absolutely no remorse for any of her actions. She firmly believes that what she does is okay. She thinks that she can get away with abusing people across the internet AND in her real life for YEARS. She has continued to post about a woman from 2013 to 2020. She will not stop if you get on her radar. She HAS to attempt to and fail at destroying you if she is jealous of you and your success. Tressa wants everyone to be just as miserable as she is. That is exactly how you know if she is envious of you! So, in a way, I guess you should feel good if she begins to harass you online. It means she must really want something you have that she will never get, such as a family, love, money, success, children (hers were taken away from her, hm wonder why?), and self love.

Teresa talks about her parents and entire family in the most negative light. She says that both of her parents were psychopaths and both of them were narcissists, in fact she says that about every single person she makes a post about online. She will call you crazy, say that you are a psychopath, narcissist, and she loves to call people child predators and make up stories that can and will never be proven to be fact because they’re all lies. Teresa loves to make stories up about people in an attempt to make herself look honest and truthful, but the fact of the matter is that she continues to make the exact same posts about people that are so similar in the way they’re written that you can absolutely tell that they are written by her, not the fake names/accounts that she COWARDLY hides behind. She would NEVER make a post using her REAL name because that’s what pussies do.

Teresa has created tons of enemies throughout the years and many people have gone on the internet to post about her and the evil [censored] she’s done, especially back in 2013, 2015, and 2017. Teresa attempts to deny everything everyone says about her by making fake comments replying to the posts about her claiming that she’s the most beautiful, honest, real person there is and threatening whoever made the post to release their information. It’s so blatantly obvious that the comments are coming from her. It’s honestly kind of sad and embarrassing that she has to defend herself using fake accounts. The only person who shows signs of being an actual [censored] psychopath is HER. She LOVES to play victim card and act as if the world is SO hard for her, but claims she’s done SO much for herself and gotten through her “adversities” with grace. Where? What has she done since being released from prison in 2019, other than continue to put a [censored] that she’s some great person with nothing to show for it.

Teresa appears to not even have a real job. Who knows how she’s getting her money. It seems that her mom or a family member may be letting her mooch off of them, so she doesn’t have to be a real adult, although she’s 50 and can’t seem to keep a job to save her life. She may also be scamming innocent hard working Americans as a means for the money she gets. Honestly though, she probably found some poor sucker boyfriend to mooch off of, gaslight, abuse, and use again. Soon enough that relationship will go south and she’ll be attacking them too. Poor [censored].

Teresa LOVES to attack people below the belt and go for people’s personal appearances, but has she seen her self? That nose job makes her look like a hybrid of Michael Jackson and Lord Voldemort. She should try to get her money back because those doctors did her real dirty… The amount of lip filler that’s pumped into her face and botox in attempts to look lively is laughable. She looks old as [censored] and no amount of plastic surgery will turn that smug face into anything that resembles beauty. Teresa embarrasses herself by attacking other’s looks when she looks like that. “All the plastic surgery in the world won’t make you less insecure!!!”

Stay as far away from this woman as you can. She feels no remorse for her actions. She has no heart. She does not care if she hurts you. She is like a venomous snake. Cut the head off and she will just wiggle and eventually die!! CUT THAT SNAKE OUT OF YOUR LIFE!! She refuses to go to therapy and get help, even though PROFESSIONAL psychologists have recommended that she gets therapy and that she has some type of cluster b diagnosis. She’s toxic, evil, hateful, and will never stop.

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Stay away from her!! Be weary of her!!! And be careful around her!!! Don’t become her next victim!! She will never stop harassing people because it’s all that she can do to feel somewhat good about herself. Please stay away. You HAVE been warned!

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