Terry Pruitt Review


This man opened a BBQ resturant. He didn’t pay any of his bills, left all his employees with bad checks owing them all a hole lot of money. The church he was atending gave him rent money to pay his rent with and ensted took off with the money and fled the area. Cops in Lenoir City soon after searched his last place of residence trying to find him and couldn’t. This man is a scam artest and a crook. He stolled tones of money from church members as well as from the resterant. We latter hear that he was areasted and serving time in Mephis Tennessee. Reading the other complaint about him he aparently hasn’t learned his lesson and continues to run the same scam from town to town. Everyone please be aware of this crook and don’t trust him. He is good at lying and convincing you that he has changed when he is realy just running another scam on you. .

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