Tessa Hoft – Stockton, California California


Stay away from Tessa Hoft if you’re in or around Stockton. My now ex who is all spun out, left me and our one year old daughter homeless because i was getting clean and he didn’t want to. He’d rather be with a drugged out psycho than even his own daughter, sad. She swooped in when he and I weren’t even over yet and he’s punishing our girl. Sorry I decided to get sober and you couldn’t do it, B. And Tessa, I hope your psycho ass is happy you took him away from his baby. None of his friends like you and you’ll even see that soon. B, now i know where our $7000 tax return went to besides to your drug addiction. And that included the 1g that was my baby’s. She can have you. Y’all both are scum. But omg even you could’ve done better. Its a shame. Really. You deserve each other.

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