Tessa Nagel – Woodbury, Minnesota Minnesota


This woman was my husband’s executive assistant and did everything she could to try and steal him from me. She is a serial flirt and pretends that’s just “who she is” but deep down she is a home wrecking slut. Don’t let her “nice” fake persona fool you. She did many things to try and set her man trap for my husband but he never took the bait. Her tactics included: – Inviting herself on business trips alone with my husband – Flirting with him constantly – Touching him any chance she could – Offering to watch our kids when she knew I was out of town – Sending flirty and sexually suggestive text messages – Making comments to him multiple times about how she couldn’t sleep because she was fantasizing about him sexually all night long – Professing her love to him (this was her last desperate attempt when none of the above worked) Needless to say, she doesn’t work for my husband anymore. Even when her employment was ending, she told him that she wanted her send off song to be “Can’t Stop This Feeling”. By the way, she did all of this and is married with three kids. On her LinkedIn profile she describes herself as genuine and trustworthy, which is a total joke. If you are in the area and know her, watch out and keep your man close.

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