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Complaint: On 11-26-2004 my family and I went to the Texas Casino to have a nice breakfast. We went to the buffet, you pay first then go in to eat. We announced we were a party of 5 adults and a baby. They promptly took us to a small table with 4 chairs, and quickly left us there. We had to walk back to the front and explain that we were *5* and a baby not 4. The lady just looked at us like we didn’t have a problem, I smiled and asked for a table to fit 6. We watched and waited while the next 6 sets of people were taken to tables before we were taken to a table. We must have arrived very shortly before the lunch meal would be served. We started to walk the buffet to find very little amount of food out. This was not to much of a problem. We filled our plates and sat down to enjoy a breakfast and chat. Our server brought us the wrong drinks again this didn’t bother us. We just asked for the correct drinks. Then we went to go back for seconds. The server brought us more drinks. we had 10 glasses and 2 coffee cups on the table, started to become crowded. No one took the dirty plates. They started to stack up. We finished eatting and wanted to drink coffee, relax, and enjoy talking for a little while. The server would not come back to re-fill any drinks, our dirty plates and cups sat on the table. Our server walked around and fixed all the empty tables around us, as we sat with dirty dishes and glasses all around. I kept trying to make eye contact with him but he ignore us. So basically we paid for a buffet and got the worst service and little food. I wont be taking my family back to the Texas Casino Buffet. I also did not leave a tip but I did leave a note written on a napkin explaining No Service No Tip. I wonder if he understood, or heck maybe he makes so much money he didn’t want our tip??? D North Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.

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Address: 2101 Texas Star Lane North Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A.


Phone: 702-631-1000

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