Texas Star Engine Installations Amarillo Texas


Complaint: My daughter recently had the engine rebuilt in her car and we had the misfortune of allowing this business to complete or I should say try to complete this for us. After picking her car up there were a countless number of bolts that either had not been put back on her car, or bolts that were stripped, hoses that hadn’t been hooked back up. Luckily for her, her boyfriend has a friend that has a car the same year model as hers and was able to pull bolts off of his old car and put on hers. Had she had to pay for this it would been well over $200.00. Recently the car would not run yet again and we had it towed back to Texas Star and after letting her car sit there for over a week; they called and told us that it was the clutch. So we had it towed back over to Turbo Exchange because they had previously done work on her car and we were assuming that perhaps they had not installed the clutch properly. Turbo Exchange discovered that it wasn’t the clutch at all but that the transmission had not been bolted back on properly; in fact, was hanging on by 3 bolts and of course the 4th one had been stripped by none other than Texas Star. They, of course, deny all accusations and refuse to make good on their mistakes. In fact, last time in speaking with the sad poor excuse for a receptionist she’ll just hang up on you. How ghetto.

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Address: 4008 Business Park Drive Amarillo, Texas United States of America


Phone: 8063556775

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